Fontscape Security Services

If you have to maintain certain standards of protection for people and assets on your premises, or require other strategic installations and support in this regard, we are at your service. We have a team of highly skilled security professionals who specialise in incident damage control, full reporting and risk analysis. 

We can provide support in terms of:

  • Guarding services
  • Gate access control
  • Reception watch
  • Dispatch security
  • Special functions
  • Armed reaction
  • Alarm monitoring

Our reports include:

  • Patrol reports
  • Live patrol information
  • Event history
  • Control-room reports

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Our guards are always presentable, and undergo a stringent fitness and medical test before joining the Fontscape leagues. Additionally, each member of our team undergoes a polygraph every six months to ensure their commitment to their postings and to decrease the risk of systemic loopholes.

Work as a security enforcer for Fontscape

We have vacancies available. If you think you have what it takes to join the Fontscape team upload your CV to apply.

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